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 Engineering Metrology Gallery 

Engineering Metrology Gallery is a web-based photo gallery on dimensional measurements.

Engineering Metrology Gallery

Length MeasurementsLength Measurements:  Gage blocks, line standards, metal tapes, other length standards, and sieves.
Diameter MeasurementsDiameter Measurements:  Cylindrical diameter standards, measuring wires for threads and gears, spherical diameter standards, balls, internal diameter standards, length and diameter, and step gages.
Complex Dimensional StandardsComplex Dimensional Standards:  API threaded plug and ring gages, threaded plug and ring gages, two-dimensional gages, and special complex dimensional tests.
Optical Reference Planes and Roundness StandardsOptical Reference Planes and Roundness Standards:  Optical reference planes (flats), roundness calibration specimens, and special tests of roundness.
Angular MeasurementsAngular Measurements:  Angle gage blocks, optical polygons, rotary and indexing tables, optical wedges, and special angular measurements.
Laser MeasurementsLaser Measurements:  Laser frequency and wavelength.
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