Selected Publications 

Selected Publications is a web-based collection of publications about dimensional metrology.

Selected Publications

Gage Blocks
BulletThe Gauge Block Handbook; NIST Monograph 180 with Corrections; 2005
BulletContact Deformation in Gage Block Comparisons; NBS Technical Note 962; 1978
BulletPreparations for Gage Block Comparison Measurements; NBSIR 74-523; 1974
BulletIntercomparison Procedures for Gage Blocks Using Electromechanical Comparators; NBSIR 76-979; 1976
BulletThe NIST Gage Block Calibration Software System Userís Manual; NISTIR 2000-6387; 2000
BulletGauge Blocks—A Zombie Technology; NIST J Res May-Jun 2008 113-3; 2008
Uncertainty and Statistics
BulletUncertainty and Dimensional Calibrations; NIST J Res Nov-Dec 97 102-6; 1997
BulletGuidelines for Evaluating and Expressing the Uncertainty of NIST Measurement Results; NIST Technical Note 1297; 1994
BulletTraceability of Laser Interferometric Length Measurements; NBS Technical Note 1248; 1988
BulletStatistical Concepts in Metrology—With a Postscript on Statistical Graphics; NBS Special Publication 747; 1988
BulletIndustrial Measurement Series; Measurement Evaluation; NBS Special Publication 700-2; 1986
BulletThe Use of the Method of Least Squares in Calibration; NBSIR 74-587; 1974
BulletUncertainties Related to Thermal Expansion in Dimensional Metrology; NCSLI Measure Paper 011-2006; 2006
Other Calibrations
BulletOn The Measurement of Thread Measuring Wires; NBS Report 10-987; 1973
BulletMeasurements of Cylindrical Standards; NBSIR 73-136; 1973
BulletGage Block Flatness and Parallelism Measurement; NBSIR 73-239; 1973
BulletOn the Compression of a Cylinder in Contact with a Plane Surface; NBSIR 73-243; 1973
BulletOn Characterizing Master Involute Profiles; NBSIR 73-272; 1973
BulletA Method of Calibrating Two-dimensional Reference Plates; NBSIR 74-532; 1974
BulletThe Calibration of a Roundness Standard; NBSIR 79-1758; 1979
BulletThe Calibration of Indexing Tables by Subdivision; NBSIR 75-750; 1975
BulletThe Calibration of a Pentaprism; NBSIR 76-993; 1976
BulletThe Calibration of Angle Blocks by Intercomparison; NBSIR 80-1967; 1980
BulletA Survey of the Temporal Stability of Angle Blocks; NBSIR 74-601; 1974
BulletThe Calibration of an Optical Flat by Interferometric Comparison to a Master Optical Flat; NBSIR 75-975; 1975
BulletA Survey of the Stability of Optical Flats; NBSIR 73-232; 1973
BulletOn Characterizing Measuring Machine Geometry; NBSIR 79-1752; 1979
BulletLength Metrology of Complementary Small Plastic Rulers; Proceedings of the Measurment Science Conference; 1994
Measurement Assurance
BulletMeasurement Assurance Program—A Case Study: Length Measurements;  Part 1. Long Gage Blocks (5 in to 20 in); NBS Monograph 149; 1975
BulletMeasurement Assurance for Gage Blocks; NBS Monograph 163; 1979
BulletMeasurement Assurance Programs;  Part I: General Introduction; NBS Special Publication 676-I; 1984
BulletMeasurement Assurance Programs;  Part II: Development and Implementation; NBS Special Publication 676-II; 1985
BulletMeasurement Assurance; NBSIR 77-1240; 1977
BulletNotes on the Fundamentals of Measurement and Measurement as a Production Process; NBSIR 74-545; 1974
Bullet20 °C—A Short History of the Standard Reference Temperature for Industrial Dimensional Measurements; NIST J Res Jan-Feb 2007 112-1; 2007
BulletLetter from C. E. Johansson to Director Burgess on the International Reference Temperature; 1928
BulletUncertainties Related to Thermal Expansion in Dimensional Metrology; 2006
BulletThermal Effects in Dimensional Metrology; UCRL-12409; 1965
BulletInternational Status of Thermal Error Research; UCRL-50285; 1967
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